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What is the Purpose of this Web Site?


You are probably here because you have an interest in HO scale model railroading.  This web site is a place where information about HO scale model railroading is shared with other modelers. It is meant to be a place where HO scale modelers have somewhere to present online clinics, share photos and information about HO model railroading, new products, and discuss aspects of modeling, or just ask for, and hopefully get, some needed information or help from our discussion boards.

The idea for this web site originated from some discussions that appeared on the HOrailroading@yahoogroups.com email discussion group.   Members were discussing ways to facilitate transportation of information on certain subject matter to other members of the group that wanted it, but not to those that did not.  This web site is an offshoot of that original idea.

Please review our Terms and Conditions, look around, and feel free to contribute any ideas you may have to improve this site.

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